Wireless IP Camera

patrick March 26, 2013

wireless ip cameraThe Wireless IP Camera (Internet Protocol Camera) is a popular security surveillance camera. This camera is not an ordinary surveillance camera as it uses the internet to send video to anywhere in the world.

It has a better quality video and audio system which enables it to provide superior images. It covers a larger area and comes with motion detection feature. As its name denotes it doesn’t need a wire to be connected to a computer. This is because it comes with a built in Wi-Fi as well.

Companies have their own versions of the wireless IP camera and of course they are constantly making Improvements on its various features as they seek to out sell each other. Some features that companies offer include 2 way audio support, built-in Pan/Tilt and IR lights, mobile phone view, night vision, alarm in and out interface, support UPNP and PPPOE, motion detection, email, FTP alarm  and the list goes.

Some of these features may be unfamiliar to you, which is fine, they will become familiar as you seek to learn more about this camera.

How Does It Work

This device does not need a video cable to transmit images, but it instead uses a data connection like Wi-Fi, Ethernet etc.  It works similar to a printer or scanner that is built to connect to any network and can then transfer video images as needed over that network. Of course you will need to have a wireless router so the camera can use its Wi-Fi feature to access a network like the internet.

If it comes with the feature it can record and save images to a built in storage device or a DVR, and streams the same video on the internet.

Why Use IP Wireless Camera

This camera has a few more benefits than other cameras. As you probably may know already it is a Wi-Fi device, and as such it is able to access a network without any cables. It also sends video images over the internet. Communicating over the internet is by itself is a huge advantage.

Many people use its internet access feature to monitor what is happening at their homes from a remote location.You can use any amount of these cameras on a network as long as you have the bandwidth to handle the load.

As I have said earlier it provides better coverage and video, a quality that is needed for security surveillance.

Differences Between Webcam And Wireless IP Camera

There is really not much difference between a webcam and a Wireless IP Camera to write home about. One camera can be used for both. Which means you can use the camera to allow a friend to see you on their monitor while engaging in a discussion.

This same camera can also be used as an IP camera to provide surveillance from a remote location miles away via the internet. A webcam cannot be used to send information across the internet nor does it have surveillance features.

 Are you Thinking About Buying?

When purchasing this camera ensure that you are getting the features you want as not all cameras provide the same features.  They are constantly updating them which means more and better feature each time they go for an upgrade.